New Tabor, situated northeast of Caldwell, is one of the older and larger communities in Burleson County. It was the first Czech-Moravian and German community in the county and is still populated mainly by descendants of the pioneer groups who settled there in the 1870's and 1880's. The prairie land and black, loamy soil is ideal for growing all types of crops.

   The Czech-Moravians came in 1870. Some came directly from Czechy and Moravia, Czechoslovakia, and Austria-Hungry. The community was named New Tabor by the first settlers who came from the community of Mount Tabor in Czechoslovakia. By the 1880's, additional families came from Czechoslovakia, and many German families came directly from Germany or from Austin and Washington Counties.

   The early settlers did not forget that their main reason for immigrating to Texas was the search for freedom of worship. Immediately after settling, they met in homes to worship until they were able to erect churches. The history of the New Tabor Brethren Church had its beginning in the year 1870, when the first Czech settlers began arriving in this small community located about four miles east of Caldwell, Texas. The church is still situated on the same location.

   The Hus Encampment is located in the New Tabor community five miles east of Caldwell. It is the property of The Unity of the Brethren, a small Protestant denomination, established in Texas in 1903 by Czech immigrants who trace their heritage back to followers of John Hus, who formed the original Unity of the Brethren in 1457 at Kunvald in Bohemia.


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